Do You Love Shooting Guns... And Would Like To Make $$$ Teaching Fun Classes And Concealed Weapons Permit Courses?  Become An Instructor Under the Largest Firearms Training Organization In America - Take The NRA Pistol Instructor Course.

"A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined..."

-- George Washington

Hello!  My name is Marcos Avellan - the owner of Miami Shooters Club.  There are NRA instructors - and then there are NRA Training Counselors.  Only Training Counselors are authorized by the NRA with the ability to certify new NRA instructors.  There are few active NRA Training Counselors, only about 400 throughout the country - and Miami Shooters Club's Kevin Perez and I are amongst them.  Both of us have many years of experience in firearms and self defense and hold a multitude of instructor certifications.  Our academy, Miami Shooters Club, has taught thousands of students in south Florida - and has certified many new NRA instructors.

From left to right:  Miami Shooters Club Instructors Kevin Perez and Marcos Avellan - and NRA TC Program Coordinators Andy Lander and Mark Richardson

Make Money Teaching About Guns

If you're on this page - you love shooting and guns.  As you already know, shooting is not a cheap hobby.  Purchasing guns, ammunition, cleaning kits, range fees, lessons, and maintenance makes shooting an expensive hobby or sport to participate in.  If you were to shoot 1,000 rounds a month, just in 9mm ammo, you'll looking at over $200 a month - not including any other fees.  If you were to shoot your rifle, that price can more than double.

Unfortunately due to those costs, many shooters shoot less frequently.  But if money weren't a factor, if shooting were free, most of us reading this would shoot a heck of a lot more often.  But what if shooting could be free... or better yet... what if you could GET PAID to shoot!  

By becoming an NRA instructor, you will have the recognition of the largest firearms training organization in the United States - and you will have an organized curriculum and class to follow.  Furthermore, you would be recognized by the State of Florida as being qualified to teach the training requirement for concealed weapons permits.  With your NRA classes and your concealed carry classes, you can easily offset your shooting expenses - and at best, you could make a six figure income.  How do I know you can make a six figure income as a firearms instructor?  Because I do.

As an NRA instructor, with your own firearms training company, you could potentially save money on taxes by writing off your training expenses - such as guns, range fees, lessons, ammunition, etc. - but check with an accountant first.

I remember this one joke shooting instructor legend Massad Ayoob told me... He asked the class, "How many guns do you own..." then after a pause said, "Not enough!" I remember back in the day feeling guilty about picking up a new $1,500 rifle or a new $1,000 Colt 1911 - and I remember my wife flipping out about "all the money we are wasting on extra guns we don't need..." Fast forward later on after becoming an instructor, now my wife is proud of all my new purchases! She is proud because she knows that the firearms were earned from work on the gun range - and knows that I need the vast assortment of firearms I own to better instruct my students. Yup... all the guns I own are part of the job I do... pretty cool 🙂 Owning a traditional pump shotgun, lever rifle, derringer, double action revolver, single action revolver, AK-47, AR-15, 1911, striker fire polymer guns, all-steel traditional single/double action Berettas, etc., all help me do my job better. Being a successful instructor is a green light to own all the guns you've ever wanted to own and shoot... guilt free 🙂

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Preserve Gun Rights And Save Lives

Along with providing training, one of the most important missions of the National Rifle Association is to protect the 2nd Amendment - and as a gun enthusiast, I'm sure you feel the same way.  As an NRA instructor, you'll be able to do your part in protecting the 2nd Amendment by promoting the NRA and enrolling new members to the NRA - but you'll also be able to help the preserve the 2nd Amendment simply by educating people on firearms.  By educating people on firearms, they are less likely to be afraid of them and more likely to own and promote firearms - and once a person starts exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, they are not likely to vote against gun rights.

A huge part about firearms education is firearms safety.  Ignorant gun storage and usage has led to serious injuries and death.  Your gun classes, just with regards to gun safety, are potentially saving lives.

Along with the gun safety aspect, you could also be potentially saving lives simply by giving people the proper technique on how to use a firearm defensively.  I remember the first time a student thanked me and credited me in helping him save his life... he had to reluctantly use a firearm to defend himself against an armed assailant and said he performed the same way we trained.

Learn More About Firearms And Teaching

To become a certified NRA instructor, you have to take an intensive online course, which takes about six hours, and then two days of in-person training with an NRA Training Counselor.  Within those three days of training in the NRA Pistol Instructor Course, even if you've trained with firearms your whole life, you are very likely to learn something new with regards to firearms and with regards to organizing and teaching a class.

If you're like me, you love knowledge - and this course, having been taught thousands of times and revised by some of the greatest instructors in the business, is a great source of gun and teaching knowledge.

Furthermore, I consider the NRA Pistol Instructor certification the "gateway instructor credential"... it's usually a professional instructor's first credential - and rarely their last.  This credential leads instructors to picking up other NRA instructor credentials such as Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside The Home (PPITH), Personal Protection Outside The Home (PPOTH), Range Safety Officer, and more - and it usually opens up instructors to seeking out instructor credentials in other organizations.  For instance, on top of possessing NRA pistol, NRA PPITH, NRA PPOTH, and Chief Range Safety Officer - I also possess instructor credentials from Glock and Massad Ayoob.  Every year I seek out training from qualified instructors.

Record Gun Sales = Record # of Students

Love him or hate him, our former President Obama was responsible for the greatest surge in gun sales in American history.  He is often referred to as "The Greatest Gun Salesman of All Time" - but the nickname and sales surge resulting from his efforts were ironic since he was openly for gun control.  The President campaigned hard for more gun restrictions - and although he failed to limit the 2nd Amendment, the threat was enough to launch a gun sales boom like we have never seen before.  Yearly gun sales more than doubled between 2008 and 2016.  What does this surge mean to you?

This sales surge means there are millions of Americans that have bought their first gun - and they need training which you can provide.
 We've had students ask for private lessons for simple firearm basics - such as how to clean their gun.  We've had students come in with a loaded and cocked revolver, asking us to decock it for them (there are reports of people calling 911 to help them decock their revolver).

Right now is the firearms instruction gold rush - we have more supply and demand than ever before. This is the time to jump into the firearms training business!

To the right you'll see a chart from Google showing how search volume for "concealed carry" has spiked to unprecedented levels.  Furthermore, Florida is the state in the USA with the most Concealed Weapons Permits issued - more than Texas.  About 15% of adults over 21 years old in Florida have Concealed Weapons Permit - and that number is getting higher and higher!  But the first step to being able to conduct concealed weapons permit courses recognized by Florida is to become an NRA Pistol Instructor.

Other Reasons To Become An Instructor

One of the cool perks of being an NRA instructor is getting the NRA Instructor Discount.  The majority of gun manufacturers and stores offer NRA Instructor Discounts.  The logic is that if you own their product, odds are you will demonstrate with the product in class and/or recommend their product.  Here are some companies I know of that offer NRA instructor discounts:  Adams Arms, Aimpoint, Beretta, Brownells, Buck Knives, Burris Optics, Charter Arms, Columbia Sportswear, Crimson Trace, CZ, Daniel Defense, Eotech, FN, Henry, Kahr Arms, Mossberg, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Trijicon, viridian Laser, Wyndham Weaponry (the old Bushmaster), and MANY more!  A LOT of companies offer it - you just have to ask.  Some of these discounts are significant... Crimson Trace offers 40% off their lasers!

Another reason to become an instructor is to give back to the community.  At Miami Shooters Club, we offer free gun and self defense workshops and organize big food and toy drives for the homeless.  By being a firearms instructor, you have an opportunity to give back to the community.

Being a firearms instructor is also a great retirement activity.  When you get older, you won't want to do heavy lifting or physical activity - and you don't want to work a 9 to 5.  As a firearms instructor, it is not physically demanding (if you can lift a gun and pull a trigger, you can teach shooting) and it is a job that can be done on the weekends.  If the goal is to just add one or to grand a month to your retirement income, then teaching one weekend a month can work.

And finally, an amazing reason to be an instructor is that it is a great way to make new friends.  I can't tell you the amount of amazing people I have met via firearms instruction.

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